Release Terrorists’ Children So They Can Free Our Relations After 57 Days – Families Of Abducted Train Passengers Beg Nigerian Government


Relatives of the abducted passengers of the Abuja-Kaduna train who were picked during an attack on the train on March 28 on Tuesday again appealed to the Nigerian government to save their beloved ones held captive by the terrorists who had made a fresh death threat. 
The terrorists on Tuesday threatened that they would starve and kill their hostages one by one should the Federal Government fail to meet their demands.

The terrorists requested the unconditional release of their children said to have been detained in an orphanage home in Adamawa State under the strict supervision of the Nigerian Army and the release of their detained colleagues.
Meanwhile, the leader of the kidnapped victims’ families, Dr. Abdulfatai Jimoh, in Kaduna said that it would be good for the Federal Government to give a thought to the terrorists’ demands to let go of victims who had spent almost two months in the bandits’ den.
Speaking with PUNCH, Jimoh said it was distasteful to detain minors in whatever situation and appealed to the government to release the eight minors whom the bandits claimed were being held in Adamawa State.
He said, “It is a terrible situation. Our appeal to the government is that it should hasten the action and meet their demands and release their children. The government should release their children so that they can help our people. It is something that is possible for the government to do.
“You don’t hold children for anything. The children are minors. It is something that the government can do. They (bandits) even said they knew where their children are. Our appeal is very short, that the government should release their children so that they can release our people.”
Jimoh, who described the holding on of their beloved ones for close to two months as sad, added that “it has been very traumatic for not seeing our loved ones for 57 days now. It is not an experience that one will wish for, even for his worst enemy. It is not a good experience at all. We pray that this experience will come to an end very soon. That’s our prayers.”
Over 60 passengers are still in the kidnappers’ den.




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