I Have Nothing Personal Against Peter Obi, Candidates Critique Their Opponents All Over The World— Sowore, AAC Presidential Candidate


Human rights activist and presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) has debunked claims on social media that he inssider 4 key holds a grudge against Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party.
Sowore, some weeks ago, called on the former Anambra Governor to join the AAC in order to enjoy victory in the election.




Sowore, during the Democracy Day live broadcast, said Obi could not clinch the number one position if he remained under the Labour Party which had no structure.
According to Sowore, during the 2019 presidential election, the AAC secured 33,000 votes while the Labour Party had just 5,000 votes.
The activist further queried Obi if when he was governor of Anambra State, he built standard hospitals and schools. He also asked if Obi download plotagraph pro full crack ensured the construction of quality roads in the state.
But some of Obi’s supporters took Sowore’s critique of the former Anambra governor’s social media hype to mean he had a personal grudge against the Labour Party presidential candidate.
In a recent interview with Atlantic TV’s Spotlight programme, Sowore said he had nothing personal against Obi as it is expected of him to constructively criticise opponents.
Sowore expressed surprise over the allegation, noting that he has been at the forefront of speaking on issues that affect him directly and otherwise.
He also stated that there had been instances where candidates were presented as credible and unquestionable in Nigeria, which is playing out again, hence his reason for speaking out.
“That is completely incorrect. In election seasons, you sell your manifestos, you sell your ideas, you sell your personality and you also critique your opponents; that’s how it is done the world over,” Sowore said.

He noted that if he wins the presidential election, “I will preside over those who agree with me and those who disagree and those who might criticise me”.
“I find it a bit awkward, that people who know who I am; I’ve criticised military and civilian leaders, I have criticised people in the public sector and private sector, would think that I will keep quiet over any issue.

“I talk about issues that affect me I talk about issues that don’t affect me. It’s within my rights but most importantly we’re talking about Nigeria here and we have had experiences in the past where candidates are packaged and made to look like people who should not be questioned and this time around you see that happening, you have a duty to raise your voice.

“I have spent my entire life promoting freedom of speech. But coming to the youth, I don’t know where the poll or polling was done to say that anybody has the support of the youth because there are 18 political candidates and all of them have their supporters.
“In fact, if you want to talk about who has more support, you want to talk about the big parties APC and PDP because when you see their rallies on TV, you see youths there, plenty of them but I understand that we’re at a stage where people are also learning. They’re learning and getting used to how politics is conducted.”






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