eyefon project Event 2-3 – …creating positive future

eyefon project Event - ...creating positive future
eyefon project Event – …creating positive future

The Need for Awareness Creation on Irregular Migration: Insights from Recent News Reports

Irregular migration of Nigerians abroad has recently resumed a worrisome dimension. Reports indicate that several Nigerians are returning home from different nations in Europe and Africa, with stories of regret and pain from their experience of illegal immigration. Some have spent several years in search of greener pastures, only to end up in slavery, forced labor, or sexual exploitation.

To address this issue, some social workers are calling for proper awareness in coping with the act of irregular migration. The stakeholders at an event organized by the Nigerian Women Association Verona and Patriotic Citizens Initiative emphasized the need for parents and guardians to be more sensitive to their children and wards, become mandatory reporters, and work with the community to curb the trend of irregular migration.

The economic hardship faced by many Nigerians often results in the need for micro-creation. However, while the returnees are trained in basic business skills, more Nigerians are expected to join the list of returnees from different African and European countries in the coming days. In 2017-2021, some organizations collaborated with local authorities to help the returnees with reorientation, mindset research, and business startup skills.

The need for awareness creation cannot be overemphasized, as irregular migration poses several risks to young Nigerians. Many have fallen victims to human trafficking, forced labor, sexual exploitation, and slavery. Stories of victims like the young man who fainted in the Sahara desert after several days of traveling through a perilous route in search of greener pastures underscore the need for action to stop adolescents from becoming victims.

In conclusion, the recent news reports about irregular migration of Nigerians abroad highlight the need for awareness creation, attitudinal change, and stakeholder engagement to check the growing trend of irregular migration. As stakeholders work towards creating awareness and protecting Nigerian youths, parents and guardians must be more vigilant in monitoring their children’s activities and becoming mandatory reporters.

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Date : 28 – 4 – 2023
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Project eyefon 2° event shots
Project eyefon 2° event shots