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The Coalition of Civil Society to End Child Marriage in Nigeria was established in December 2015 when the group carried out initial research projects and began to mobilise civil society organisations working to end child marriage. The coalition is currently formed of 32 members from across the six geo-political zones, 17 of which are actively engaged in the Technical Working Group to End Child Marriage in Nigeria which is chaired by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs. The steering committee composed by eight member organisations is led by two co-chairs, with ActionAid International Nigeria holding the secretariat.

Child Marriage is one of the developmental challenges affecting children in Nigeria. Prevention of child marriage in Nigeria, the largest country in Africa, remains a significant social, economic and health problem. Nigeria still faces the daunting task of harnessing its vast natural and human resources to effectively reduce this harmful practice. There is increased need especially now than ever before to evolve strategies, build structures and institutionalize social, legal and educational system reforms to facilitate a sustainable National response to end child marriage and allthe associated ills.

Why it happens

Child marriage is rooted in gender inequality and the belief that girls and women are inferior to boys and men. It is made worse by poverty, lack of education, harmful social norms and practices, and insecurity. Its drivers vary between communities and it looks different across the world.

Where it happens

Child marriage is a truly global problem. It happens across countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities. Use our interactive atlas to understand the scale of the problem and what is being done to end it. You can also find data to support your advocacy and fundraising, and to connect with others working on the issue in your location.

How to end it

Child marriage looks different from one community to the next. There is no single solution, actor or sector to end it; we must all work together. Solutions must be local, contextual and integrated. The Girls Not Brides Theory of Change shows the range and combination of approaches needed, and the role everyone has to play.

Nigeria National strategy (PDF, 2.7MB)

Source: Girls not Brides