Outcomes from the open meeting

Outcomes from the open meeting with local authorities and citizens to raise awareness on human traffiking in Kosofe (Lagos), Nigeria


In Kosofe, Lagos on July 30, 2019, in the occasion of the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, took place an awareness raising event conducted at the Kosofe Local Government Hall supported through the Mobility Partnership Facility Action (MPF) entitled: “INSigHT-Building Capacity to Deal with Human Trafficking and Transit Routes in Nigeria, Italy, Sweden.”

The participants were nearly 60, including representatives of Child Protection Network of Kosofe Local Government, Institute of Social Work of Nigeria, Civil Defence Corps, Heart Minder Initiative, Grace Springs Rehabilitation Home, Ihuoma Girls Care Answer Support Initiative, Bimbo Odukoya Foundation, Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps, Development Support Institute International Center for Environmental Health and Development.

Feedback was provided by participants at the end of the event. Many participants were pleased with the diversity of groups and organizations that were invited and present at the workshop. They expressed that this allowed for a more fulsome discussion on human trafficking in Nigeria and the way forward. As a result, they felt the workshop provided an opportunity for a collaborative discussion and the inclusion of different perspectives. This provided an enriching experience. To combat human trafficking in our society it should be a collective Action. Additionally, changes to legislation are very important; laws that stop trafficking in its tracks are needed.

The event had a wide coverage in the local media:

1. Kosofe Post, 31 July 2019
NWAV intensify awareness campaign against human trafficking in Lagos

2. Business Day, 1 August 2019
NGO launches Insight initiative to help tackle human trafficking in Nigeria

3. The Sun, 12 August 2019
Groups urge concerted efforts in tackling human trafficking

4. This Day, 16 August 2019
NGOs in Italy, Nigeria Join Forces against Human Trafficking

5. Remo Voice Newspaper, 18 August 2019
Groups collaborate against human trafficking

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Dott.ssa AJIBOLA Oluwakemi Victoria
Presidente NWAV

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